Technical Committee about Saint-Louis Future Urban developments


The Meeting was under the auspices of Saint-Louis Mayor’s Office, Technical services (Land Register, Urban planning, Environment, Finances, etc…) and representatives from UN Habitat West Africa.

An expertise/presentation was requested during the Technical Meeting to discuss Saint-Louis Future urban developments in the context of the new ‘Intercommunality’.

The presentation on the ‘Hydro-geomorphological context for sustainable urban planning in Saint-Louis’ included:

  • Geological context and sedimentological analysis
  • Sensitivity to Floods & Coastal erosion
  • Potential areas suitable for human settlement in the upcoming years



Key Information

  • Dramé, A.B. (2022) « Contexte hydro-géomorphologique pour l’aménagement urbain de Saint-Louis », Atelier technique d’élaboration d’une note conceptuelle du projet de logement et d’urbanisation durables dans l’aire métropolitaine de Saint-Louis », Mairie de Saint-Louis, Agence de Développement Communal et UN Habitat West Africa, Saint-Louis, Senegal

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