Theme: Social Impact of Climate Change & the Need to Achieve an Equitable Climate Transition

During Summer 2023, the UNESCO appointed Ms Awa Bousso DRAME as a Steering Committee Member for the upcoming 13th Global Youth Forum taking place in Paris, France in November 2023;

Further to her nomination as a Steering Committee Member of the 13th UNESCO Youth Forum, our Founder had to :

  • Co-organise the upcoming Forum with the Secretariat
  • Coordinate with Region Chairs (Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia)
  • Review and contribute to the Continental/Regional (Africa) report to include in the Global report and position paper to present during the UNESCO General Assembly
  • Advocate for African countries and Islands countries, particularly Cabo Verde

In addition her Steering Committee Member duties, our Founde also served as a Rapporteur for the 2nd Dialogue with Youth Ministers. She facilitated discussions on leveraging digital and technological innovations to foster reskilling and upskilling opportunities for our youth, thus paving the way for sustainable Green and Blue Economies.


Ms DRAME also had esteemed privilege to interact with Youth, Education and Research Ministers from different countries in the world to contribute to shaping the policy-making on youth empowerment and sustainable development.

Key Information

  • Dramé, Awa Bousso. 2023. ‘Impacts of Climate Change in Senegal, West Africa’. UNESCO Youth Forum, Africa Section – Downloadable from here :
  • UNESCO. 2023. ‘2023 UNESCO Youth Forum Delegates –  Social Impact of Climate Change & the Need to Achieve an Equitable Climate Transition’.

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